Welcome to the Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Research Centre's home page

The Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Research Center is part of the Computer Science Department from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

Our main activities are research and teaching in the fields of image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, hardware design for image acquisition and processing.

We have reached state-of-the-art levels of expertise in the following directions:

  • 2D and 3D Image Processing and Recognition
  • Stereovision for Driving Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving
  • Medical Image Processing
Our facilities:
  • 2 research labs, 1 teaching lab, hardware and software for intensity, color and stereo image acquisition and processing.

To contact us:

Prof. Sergiu Nedevschi, PhD EE,
Head of the Group,
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Computer Science Department
28 Memorandumului str., RO-400114 Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA
Tel: (+40 264) 202 395 ; 401 456; 401 457
Fax: (+40 264) 594 491
E-mail: Sergiu.Nedevschi@cs.utcluj.ro
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