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IEEE ICCP 2017 Workshop on Deep Learning in Automated Driving

tl_files/cv/img/SegmentareCNN2.PNGWorkshop Name:
Deep Learning in Automated Driving, Cluj-Napoca, September 7, 2017

Sergiu Nedevschi, TUCN

Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cluj – City Plaza, "Beijing" Room (5th floor)


Abstract: This workshop represents an introduction in deep learning based solutions for driving assistance and automated driving applications. The workshop is based on the authors’ experience gain in several research projects carried out at TUCN dealing with perception tasks. The approached topics are how to build a framework for deep learning; deep learning based stereo reconstruction and image segmentation; deep convolutional features’ use in boosting based solutions.



  1. Robert Varga, Lessons learned from developing the Gödel Deep Learning library
  2. Vlad Miclea, Deep learning-based approaches for stereo reconstruction
  3. Andra Petrovai, Deep learning for semantic image segmentation
  4. Arthur Costea, Boosting over deep convolutional features for object detection