Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Group - Diploma Thesis

Diploma / master thesis proposals - 2013

1. Speed bumps detection by combining 3D information and image data
2. Road surface estimation using conditional random fields
3. Grid-based free space estimation in traffic scenes
4. Surface normals detection and application to stereo data
5. Stereo reconstruction evaluation using Velodyne ground truth - methods evaluation
6. Dense stereo matching based on support points
7. Plane based dense stereo estimation
8. Iterative SGM implementation
9. Clearance and 3d tunnel detection
10. Terrain classification – lawn, grass, gravel
11. Segmentation methods for stereo\range images
12. Multiclass classification in traffic scenes
13. Improoving pedestrian detection using stereo
14. Combining superpixels and stereo
15. Combining superpixels and optical flow
16. Superpixel based object segmentation
17. Stixels / Dynamic stixels computation for traffic scenes
18. Object flow for traffic scenes