Each project objective is broken down into appropriate activities, which will span a total duration of 36 months. The following table shows for each activity the in the corresponding years, deliverables and sub-objectives in that specific year.

Year Sub-Objectives Deliverable name
2014 Developing the requirements, specifications and architecture of sensorial system developed by UTC. D21.11 / D21.12 Computing platform concept and specification
D22.10 Sensor system description; system specification
D26.11 Planning/reasoning architecture
D42.10 Integration plan
D93.10 Project web site (initial version)
D93.81 Dissemination reports and plans
2015 The creation of the sensor system and the development of the main perception functions. The development of the rear end collision avoidance module. The development of new stereo vision algorithms. Dssemination of the results. D22.20 Hardware and software solution of sensor platform
D25.11 Reconfigurable components for perception and localization
D25.21 Technical report on robust perception components
D26.12 Planning/reasoning architecture
D26.21 Knowledge database
D26.30 Task planning and representation
D42.20 Reconfigurable components and application scenarios
D93.20 Draft business plans for each ExO
D93.82 Dissemination reports and plans
2016 Finishing the sensor system with all reconfigurable functionalities including the ROS-based communication. The dissemination of the results. D21.42 Computing platform prototype
D22.30 Results of system tests and validation
D25.12 Reconfigurable components for perception and localization
D25.22 Technical report on robust perception components
D26.22 Knowledge database
D26.40 Plan execution and error handling
D93.32 Project exploitation plan
D93.83 Dissemination reports and plans
2017 The testing of the implemented functions. Dissemination of results. Further testing of the developed algorithms Dissemination