Project Objectives

Objective 1

High-performance embedded computing platform
UTC will contribute with their experience in hardware and vision based processing to the specification of the heterogeneous multi-core computing platform.

Objective 2

Environment sensors
UTC will contribute in the area of stereo-vision sensors including parametric and reconfigurable basic algorithms (calibration, cross-calibration, un-distort, stereo-reconstruction, low level temporal and / or multi-sensor fusion, automatic real-time sensors adaptation to environment / application requirements, auto tests for validating the sensors / sensory system well-functioning, various data acquisition options) and embedded hardware integration.

Objective 3

Perception and localization
UTC will contribute to modeling perception components (Task 25.1), reconfigurable perception components (Task 25.2) and reconfigurable environment modeling (Task 25.3) oriented towards the stereo-vision sensor.

Objective 4

Reasoning and adaptation
UTC will contribute to reasoning and planning, focusing on situation and risk assessment based on the updated environment representation.

Objective 5

Professional service robots
UTC integrates the components developed in WP22 and WP25 related to stereo-vision based perception into the demonstrator platform.

Objective 6

Dissemination, exploitation, standardization, and certification


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