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Cooperative Advanced Driving Assistance System Based on Smart Mobile Platforms and Road Side Units

Grant 18/2012 funded by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, UEFISCDI, (2012-2015)


Project Description

The SmartCoDrive project aims to increase the road traffic safety, road traffic mobility, quality of driving and will reduce fuel consumption and pollution by providing a universal and portable solution for advanced driving assistance systems, based on a cooperative approach, and using the advanced and increasing capabilities of the smart phone type devices. There exists no similar approach, in research or market that combines all these three elements (advance driving assistance, cooperative systems, and smart phone type devices) to provide a unified solution for improving the driving assistance. Furthermore, one of the main advantages of the proposed solution is the immediate applicability and market penetration. The smart mobile type devices have experienced an exponential market growth due to their increased technical capabilities and considerably better benefit-cost ratio. Their applicability is also increasing and in this project we will exploit it in order to produce a solution that is unique, both in research and in the market, and that will be available and accessible for a large number of users. The concept of this project is the development of a cooperative approach for driving assistance with the following main components: a unified sensorial, hardware and software smart mobile platform (SMP) for cooperative driving assistance based on a smart mobile device (SMD); a general purpose road side unit (RSU) for information gathering, fusion and sharing; and a regional traffic information system (RTIS) for integration with traditional traffic information systems like Traffic Message Channel (TMC) and Fleet Management. The major key technologies that will be developed in this project are: virtual sensors, V2X communication and Local Dynamic Map (LDM). On this architecture cooperative advanced driving assistance applications will be developed with the aim of improving safety, mobility and eco-driving.