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Billateral Collaboration Project - Overview

The joint project proposal was submitted in the framework of the bilateral S[[[[[[&]]]]]]T Co-operation Programme for the years 2010-2011. The review process has been carried out by the National Authority for Scientific Research of Romania (ANCS), and Slovenian Research Agency for the Republic of Slovenia (SRA). The research area addressed by the joint proposal is Information and communication technology. The joint work between Romanian and Slovenian researchers aims at deepening and advancing the European Research Area, opens doors for new and longer collaborations. The organization of specific joint activities, like thematic workshops, expert delegations, is one form of bilateral cooperation that can be further exploited for the benefit of both parties.

More information about bilateral collaboration projects can be found on the web page of the National Authority for Scientific Research of Romania (ANCS).


Short overview

"Understanding Human Behavior for Video Surveillance Applications " is a bilateral cooperation project between the  Department of Knowledge Technologies of Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana and the Computer Science Department of Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

The main goal of the project is to involve young researchers of the two institutions in a collaboration for developing a small research project. The research idea is the understanding the behavior of humans for video surveillance applications in situations like: traffic analysis, ATM surveillance, hospital monitoring applications.