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Modeling and Tracking of Dynamic Obstacles for Logistic Plants using Omnidirectional Stereo Vision


Andrei Vatavu, Arthur D. Costea, and Sergiu Nedevschi, Members, IEEE

In this work we present an obstacle detection and tracking solution applied to Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in industrial environments. The proposed method relies on information provided by an omnidirectional stereo vision system enabling 360 degree perception around the AGV. The stereo data is transformed into a classified digital elevation map (DEM). Based on this intermediate representation we are able to generate a set of obstacle hypotheses, each represented by a 3D cuboid and a free-form polygonal model. The cuboidal model is used for the classification of each hypothesis as “Pedestrian”, “AGV”, “Large Obstacle” or “Small Obstacle”, while the free-form polylines are used for object motion estimation relying on an Iterative Closest Point (ICP) method. The obtained measurements are subjected to a Kalman filter based tracking approach, in which the data association takes into account also the classification results.