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Phases and tasks

Year Phase Tasks
2012 Reconfiguration and development of existing research infrastructure for MEO observations Task 1.1. Re-configuration of the existing observation equipment for MEO observations
Task 1.2. Calibration of the MEO sensorial system
Task 1.3. Development of the software tools for detection and measurement of the MEO objects
Task 1.4. Setting up the project website
2013 Development of a Higher Orbit and Geostationary Orbit Observation System Task 2.1. Enhancing the accuracy of the optical system for increasing the detection distance
Task 2.2. Development of an automatic system for synchronized acquisition of stereo images from far apart locations
Task 2.3. Development of stereovision software tools for high range measurement
Task 2.4. Dissemination of preliminary results
2014 Development of a fully automated, high accuracy Medium and High Orbit Observer Task 3.1. Development of an optical system for detection of satellites up to HEO orbits
Task 3.2. Development of automatic calibration methods for very long range stereo systems
Task 3.3. Development of a software system for automatic detection and 3D reconstruction of high orbit objects using stereovision
Task 3.4. Development of a software system for orbit TLE iterative estimation and propagation
Task 3.5. Acquisition of observation data, testing and optimization
Task 3.6. Result dissemination
2015 Testing, validation, analysis and dissemination Task 4.1. Analysis of the system’s performance, estimation of the instrument specifications and limitations
Task 4.2. Result dissemination