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Related projects


“Experimental Low Earth Orbit Surveillance Stereoscope – LEOSCOP”, grant, founded by Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, CNMP: 82-093 / 2008, (2008-2011).


Between 2008 and 2011, a joint project of BITNET CCSS, the Technical University of Cluj / Department of Automation and Computer Sciences and the Astronomical Observatory of the Romanian Academy developed and tested a low-cost experimental LEO stereoscopic surveillance system (the LEOSCOP - Experimental Low Earth Orbit Surveillance Stereoscope project), as a first step to higher orbits surveillance. The project had public financial support through the Romanian “PN2 / Partnerships in priority S&T domains” Program. Within the framework of the LEOSCOP project, a large baseline stereovision system was set up using off the shelf cameras, lenses and portable computers. The resulted system is capable of acquiring image pairs with a reasonable degree of synchronization, and automatically process the acquired images for detecting the specific LEO trails against the fixed starry background of the night sky, and for extracting the 3D parameters using stereo triangulation. The experimental system is able to detect LEO satellites in the range of 400 to 1500 km from the ground surface, with a measurement error of less that 1% from the distance. The same consortium involved in LEOSCOP is now implementing the AMHEOS project.